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If you’re running a business in Sydney and don’t have a local SEO Sydney strategy, you’re missing out on valuable traffic.


It’s simple. People use Google (and other search engines) to find local businesses. If you’re not implementing a local search engine optimization strategy, you’re missing out on acquiring valuable local customers. If you want to attract local customers to your business, you need a strategy for generating leads in your area.


At our local SEO company Sydney, we specialize in local SEO Sydney services. We do SEO for businesses of all sizes, but there’s a reason we love doing local SEO. These campaigns offer a tremendous return on investment (ROI) for our clients. We have tried and tested methods to transform a humble small business into a successful small business dominating the Sydney region. From Bankstown to Rose Bay and the Central Coast, our unique strategy helps small businesses become industry leaders in the Sydney region.

Our Local SEO Sydne Strategy

Here you can see our best local SEO Sydney strategies.


On-site audit

All local search engine optimization campaigns start with a thorough review of the website. Review your current situation, audit existing content, identify gaps, and create a scalable site architecture.


Keyword research

Use keyword research tools and website data to evaluate the local keywords that matter most to your business. Local keyword selection is driven by ROI, not traffic.


Competitor analysis

Keep your friends close and your competition close. The goal is to get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in your region and what you need to do to outperform your competitors.



Once you understand your competitors and know your target keywords, it’s time to get to work. We create geo-targeted content and pages that stand out to your local audience.


Site optimization

About 20% of SEO success depends on on-page optimization. Take steps to improve loading speed, metadata, images, internal link structure, and site architecture.


Local Link Building

Audit your existing link profile, disallow negative or harmful links, and implement white hat local link building strategies to build your website’s authority and increase your rankings.


Content strategy

Content creation is the key to organic success. Create and curate content calendars that form the foundation of your organic content marketing campaigns.


Reports and monitoring

Your ROI is what drives us. We deliver monthly reports that track keyword rankings, organic visibility, and website analytics and optimize your site accordingly.


Why Is Local SEO Sydney Important? Choose Local SEO Company Sydney

If you are running a business in Sydney, then local SEO Sydney is very important for you, and you need a local SEO company Sydney.

Local SEO conversion rates are ridiculous

The first thing to know about local search engine optimization services is that they have very high conversion rates. According to the latest data, 78% of local searches lead to queries or conversions. This is ridiculous. In short, service-based businesses like electricians and plumbers have an 8/10 chance of receiving a call if their website is clicked on from a local search.


If there’s one local SEO stat to look at, this is it. Since most local searches lead to conversions, the importance of a local search strategy cannot be overstated. Local search engine marketing reaches highly motivated consumers in the final stages of the buying cycle. This is exactly when you want to lead and be focused. A local SEO strategy is essential if you want to attract motivated consumers to your business.


The explosive increase in searches containing “nearby”

Consumers want easy-to-use, personalized results. Search engines have responded by using different data points and geographic tracking to present user-specific search results. “Nearby” search terms increased more than 400% between 2016 and 2020. Your business needs a strong local SEO strategy that includes local citations, Google My Business, and a variety of other local factors that affect local visibility.


Now more than ever, users search from their mobile devices. In fact, the latest statistics show that more than 56% of Google searches will come from mobile devices this year. When you search from your mobile device, you’ll see a set of search engine results related to your current location.


Nearly half of all searches are locally targeted

As of 2020, according to the latest SEO data, almost half of all Google searches feature local intent. That means when someone searches for a product, service, or place, they include your location in the search. Google focuses on delivering local results that provide immediate solutions to users. Instead of providing comprehensive results, Google offers specific results that direct customers to your business from their mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablets. 28% of searches with local intent result in a purchase. The importance of a local SEO Sydney strategy to businesses of all shapes and sizes cannot be overstated.


Competitors don’t understand the power of local SEO Sydney

Do you want to know the best of implementing a local SEO Sydney strategy? You will be one of the first companies in your niche to do so. According to the latest data, 56% of local businesses have a Google My Business listing and are not even registered. Imagine what an effective SEO strategy could do for your business.


Getting your business to the top of local search results is ridiculously easy. It’s easy to stand out because local search recognition is low. There are thousands of companies that desperately want to increase their market share but don’t know where to start. By implementing a local search strategy in Sydney, you will be among the few businesses in your niche that understand the power of local search.


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